i was walking with my partner in Salman mosque,,,
we wanted to buy some food in Gelap Nyawang,,,
and walked,,,

i saw him!!
his face was so familiar,,,
he walked and talked with his friend *girl!!!*
yup! absolutely!
i knew him!!!

ya ya ya!!!
he saw me too,,,
we got an eye contact,,,

i still talked with my partner,,
and when we *he and i* met,,,
i stopped my conversation with my partner,,,
i tried to say hello to him,,,


he saw me,,
and he smiled to me,,,


he still remember me!
what a surprise!!!
i thought he forget me!

i continued talking with my partner,,,

“do you know who he is?!” i asked to my partner…
“he?! the one with the girl? the one who say hello to you?!” my partner asked again
“yup!” i answered…
“eumm,,who is he? tall boy!”
“i will tell you my secret! i ever got a crush on him,,,,” i whispered,,,
“ups! what?! when?!” my partner was surprised,,,
“when i was in first grade,,,he is my first love,,,!” i smiled,,,~with blushing face~
“wow! your first love?!”
“yupz,,ow! wait a minute,,,do you think he heard my heartbeating? oh God! mm,,how do i look?!” i showed my big grin,,,
“relax,,,i see you can control yourself!!!” my partner smiled to me,,
“Huff! Thanx God! ya,,,i called him Conan coz he looks like detective Conan! do you think so?!”
“eumm,,yupz!he seems like Conan,,,using glasses, tall, and he looks like a smart boy”
“that’s true! that’s absolutely my type!!! heu3,,,” i talked proudly,,,

“eumm,,,what do you think about Conan?” i asked my partner,,,
“yeah,,great man, i think! he is handsome,,and seems that he’s kind and religious one,,,” my partner said
“ya ya ya!!! he is the right one, huh?! :)) “
“eumm,,,, :p stop dreaming, babe!”

kya kya kya!!!
so surprised,,,
i met him after two years…
*can you imagine?! two years i didn’t see him!!!*
and then, i met him in front of Salman mosque,,,
great man! trust me!

i knew Conan from my friend two years ago,,,
my friend had an idea! became a matchmaker between us,,,!!!
yupz! my friend was trying to arrange relationship between me and Conan!
oh God! actually i didn’t agree with my friend’s idea,,,
day by day,,,
i like his personality,,,
his modesty,,
he is so religious,,,
Conan had stolen my heart!!! argh!
and in the first time,,,i fell in love!!!
therefore, i told ‘he is my first love,,,’
but trust me! there’s no relationship between us,,
i just admiring him,,,
be his ‘secret admirer’,,, 😉
poor me, huh?! heu3,,,

hahaha!!!it’s long time ago !!!

“good luck for you, Conan…!” 🙂

“i wish you all d best!!”